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Urology is the science which deals with the problems of the Urinary System. This includes simple Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Stones, Prostate Diseases, Blood in the urine, Kidney Cancers, Urinary Incontinence etc.


This is a specialty dealing with ear, nose and throat diseases, which includes most of the head and neck ailments.


It is usually hard to choose the best Gynaecology professional as there are many doctors in Rajahmundry who provide the care you need. We will make your choice easy as we’re known for our ability to handle tough cases.

General Surgery

General Surgery involves round the clock presence of surgeons in hospitals in case of emergency surgeries. The general surgery department is well equipped to take charge of all surgical emergencies and problems.


Services include emergency treatment of acute fractures, dislocations and injuries to the bones, joints and surrounding muscular and soft tissues due to trauma.


Our Pulmonologist helps in the treatment of various Lung Disorders including Breathing Problems due to Allergy & Asthma

Gen Medicine

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